kbrs2.jpgWe believe that it is very crucial for any company to be well represented in their endeavour s by better presentation of their brand. Having devoted our energy, experience, and time, in order to offer the best service, we have been providing attractive, hard working, conscientious, and well disciplined hosts and hostesses for any event including seminars, conferences, international exhibitions, and product launches.



We are very proud to have provided event staff, hosts, hostesses, and catering staff, a considerable number of those consisting of university students, for over 5,000 events ranging from singe day meetings, to international exhibitions.



Our employed staff wear the most appropriate attire, representing your company and products in a professional manner.
We also understand the needs of corporate clients. In this respect, hosts and hostesses are free to wear a predetermined attire.



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Hosts / Hostesses / Translators
Foreign Models

No matter what your products and services are, the right team is key to creating a very favourable impression of your company to the visitors of your exhibitions.

Cocktails / Exhibitions / Opening Ceremonies
Product Launches

Our experienced and professional team will perfectly represent your company and products with a strong sense of job satisfaction.


Launch Box – Coffee Breaks

We are glad to be at your service with a good understanding of healthy and cost effective catering menus.