In Terms of Companies:

  • Events are available in two formats. As 9 hours or less, and as 9 hours or longer. A 9 hour plus event consists of an hour break time that will be 1.5 hours. Companies will be charged extra for a 9 hour plus event.
  • Companies are charged per hour for photo shoots, music videos, and anything else that requires the use of professional models.
  • It is at the companies’ pleasure to make payment prior to the events or during the events. Payments must be made in cash, in the previously declared currency. Clients cannot dictate payment to our hosts and hostesses. Only Inci Ajans itself is authorized to receive payment.
  • Companies must not associate with our employees in private from Inci Ajans under any circumstance.
  • In terms of providing the best service, companies should contact us at least a week prior to any exhibitions and events that will require up to 50 hosts/hostesses, and two weeks if more than 50 are required.
  • It is our pleasure to immediately exchange a host/hostess with others if you are not completely happy with their service, behaviour, or anything else.
  • We would very much appreciate it if you could inform us at least 24 hours prior to the event in the case that you would decide to cancel the agreement. If a company wishes to cancel their event on the day of, your company will be responsible to make payment for the relevant day.
  • Only Inci Ajans itself can receive information regarding payment, agreement, working conditions, or any other inconvenience relevant to the events. Otherwise, any notice or feedback will not be considered by our responsible staff or Inci Ajans itself.
  • In terms of helping our hosts/hostesses to keep their belongings safe, the company is responsible for providing them with such a place.
  • To provide the best solutions, our hosts/hostesses are employed under condition of being controlled by Inci Ajans itself.


In terms of our employed hosts/hostesses and models

  • Our employed staff must very well represent Inci Ajans towards it’s clients. They must behave appropriately and dress professionally at the events.
  • During the events, our employed staff are strictly instructed not to eat anything, use cellular phones, chew gum, drink alcohol, or conduct themselves in an inappropriate manner. Such behaviours will not be tolerated by Inci Ajans and would be subject to lost wages.
  • Our hosts, hostesses, models, or any other employed staff are entirely free to accept our offer of working in events. However, they cannot request payment in the case they didn’t show up at the relevant event, despite the fact that they have clearly committed themselves to accept the offered event or in case they caused any inconvenience to the companies or to Inci Ajans.
  • Our employed staff (hosts, hostesses, models etc.) must return the costume to Inci Ajans, which was previously given to be worn at the relevant event. Otherwise, the employed staff are subject to loss of wage.
  • Inci Ajans holds the right to publish pictures of it’s employed staff’s on it’s website, or in a catalogue when required.
  • Clients cannot dictate the wages for our employed staff. Only Inci Ajans itself or it’s responsible staff are subject to dictate payment.
  • We make payment to our employed hosts and hostesses only on Fridays.
  • Our employed staff are strictly instructed not to make any commitments with the companies for which they previously worked.




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Hosts / Hostesses / Translators
Foreign Models

No matter what your products and services are, the right team is key to creating a very favourable impression of your company to the visitors of your exhibitions.

Cocktails / Exhibitions / Opening Ceremonies
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Our experienced and professional team will perfectly represent your company and products with a strong sense of job satisfaction.


Launch Box – Coffee Breaks

We are glad to be at your service with a good understanding of healthy and cost effective catering menus.